I have quite a lot of interests, which is good, means I always have something to do. Aside from drawing and designing things, (which I love a lot) I also love the outdoors. Sking, sledding, sailing, hiking, camping, mountain and road biking and swimming just to name a few.

I started biking heavily after breaking my back in the spring of 2001. I had to give up running, so I replaced it with biking on a newly purchased bike. 4 years later, that bike has over 3000 miles on it and I still ride it all the time. The first summer I had the bike I rode 1100 miles over the course of 3 months just to and from jobs that summer. At the end of the summer I topped it off by doing the Oak Leaf Trail. A 90 mile loop that surrounds the City of Milwaukee. The 90 mile trek took me 7 hours.

I started sailing when I was 12 at the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center. At 16 I started working for them as an assistant sailing instructor and dockmaster. At 18 I left and worked as a deckhand on the S/V Denis Sullivan. I returned at 19 and was promoted to 2nd mate. That was unfortunatly my last summer working on the sailing vessel.

I loved the experience and still miss it to this day. Being out like that, sailing the old fashioned way and having a great time with my summers island hopping throughout the lakes. It was a great way to spend my summers and make money. I had lots of experiences that I wouldn't trade for anything and met lots of great people.


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