Web design has been a hobby of mine since high school. I am entirely self taught and my skills have come quite a long way in the three years I have been designing websites. My designs have attracted campus wide as well as national attention. Websites I have designed and managed over the years have recorded hits from all over the country as well as some international hits.

Aside from designing my own websites, I designed and manage the website for the University of Arizona Residence Hall Association which has recieved 4000 hits since it was launched a year ago, I was also commissioned to design and produce the 2004 Residence Life Hall Director Recruitment CD and will be designing and producing the 2005 version as well. I also sit on the Residence Life Website redesign committee and have recently started working for the Disibility Resource Center at the University as their webmaster. Overall, my work is seen nationally on an almost daily basis.

All websites are written in a code called HTML. This code tells web browers every detail about the page from what color and font the text is to the exact location and size of each graphic. Writing this basic code was the way I first learned to program websites, and it is still my primary means of programming websites today.

At first I used Frontpage, then moved onto Dreamweaver which is still the program I use today. While programs such as Dreamweaver make it easier to make websites than just writing all the code by hand, I still do my primary amount of programming by hand with code. I write line after line and continually check it to make sure it works. From past experience, I have found that programming an entire site takes between 50-60 hours of time to write the code and test it, and another 10-20 to design and produce the graphics. (I design and produce all my own custom graphics for my websites). Overall, to create a new website from scratch, you're looking at between 60 and 80 hours of work.

Here is a list of the websites I have designed over the past couple of years listed from the oldest to the newest. If you wish to find out more about these sites, simply click on their name.

Apache Santa-Cruz Residence Hall
My First Homepage
Kaibab/Huachuca Residence Hall
2005 Hall Director Information CD
University of Arizona Residence Hall Association
Diversity Resource Office
College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture


Apache Santa-Cruz Residence Hall


My first ever big project for designing a website was for my Residence Hall freshman year. After no one else had stepped up to the position of webmaster in the Hall Council (student government), I stepped up to the position and over christmas break designed the website for Apache Santa-Cruz. this was my first time at ever using Dreamweaver (which I had just aquired a copy of) and was quite excited at the way it turned out.

apache santa cruz homepage

(Apache Santa-Cruz Homepage)

The site still exists today, however it is long outdated and hasn't been updated since I lived in the hall over 2 years ago.

Probably my greatest accomplishment was the successful implimentation of wireless internet into the basement common area of the hall. Approaching the end of the year, our student government still had a significant budget left and we had to spend the money or lose it. With the aging building, network jacks were hard to find and often located in inconvenient locations.

I was able to do all the research and submitted a proposal to our student government to allocate money to have wireless internet installed in the basement of the hall. We were able to pass the money, and in spring of 2004 Apache Santa Cruz became the first Residence Hall on campus to offer Wireless internet access to its residents.

We proved to be ahead of our time as wireless internet is now being installed across campus, including the student union, the library, multiple colleges, computer labs, and even some outdoor common areas around the campus.


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My first Homepage

(no longer available)

I was very excited upon arriving at the University of Arizona to learn that every student was given web space to develop their own website. I immediatly jumped on this opportunity and created my first ever personal homepage. The site used frontpage, and was online for a year before I redesigned it with Dreamweaver at the beginning of my sophomore year. The site is currently down and no longer exists (having been replaced by this wonderful site)


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Kaibab/Huachuca Residence Hall


After moving into a different residence hall for my sophomore year, I also volunteered to be the halls webmaster. I once again started from scratch to design the homepage for Kaibab/Huachuca Residence Hall. The site was launched and used much the same layout and graphics as the 2nd version of my own personal site. I had to drop the position as webmaster due to time requirements for previous engagements, but the site still remains in the condition that I left it over a year ago.

(Screen Shot of Kaibab/Huachuca Residence Hall Homepage)

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Hall Director Recruitment CD

(Not available online)

My first ever commissioned project was for the Residence Life Hall Director Recruitment CD. Every year Residence Life puts together a CD about the campus, the halls and the city to distribute to individuals thinking about/applying to be a Hall Director in one of the Residence Halls on campus. I was extremely excited by this opportunity, and even with the extremely short timeline I was presented with to turn around a finished product to them, I was able to turn around a pretty good product that impressed the Hall Director Selection Committee comprised of Hall Directors and Assistant Directors from Residence Life.

This project proved to be a challenge for me because it involved incorporating video into the whole project so I had to learn how to import video from a video camera into the computer and then edit it and incorporate it into the website.

I also produced for them an introduction video that played automatically when the CD was inserted into the individuals computer. This video can be found under the graphic design category on the previous page. Click here to go to the page.


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University of Arizona Residence Hall Association


In October of 2004, the University of Arizona Residence Hall Association (RHA) asked me to redesign their website. The website had been neglected for years and was severly out of date. The executive board of the entirely student run organization wanted the new RHA website to be an integral part of the organization. After a series of meetings with the exec board and a month of preperation time, the new RHA website premiered in November of 2004 and operated for the rest of the school year.

old RHA  website

(screen shot of the old RHA website)

Over the summer of 2005, I entirely redesigned the website around the features and services we wanted it to provide to the students at the university. In August of 2005, the website as it exists today was premiered and immediatly met with much praise.

new RHA Website

(screen shot of the current RHA website)

The RHA website has gone beyond the vision of the 2004-2005 executive board who commissioned it as well as my own vision and has turned itself into an almost invaluable resource for the students at the university. The website meets or exceeds all disibility requirements set forth by the ADA as well as the University. The website has proven itself time and time again as being a valuable tool to the organization. The website has logged 4000 in its first year online. (averaging 40 hits a week!).

Website features:

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Diversity Resource Office


In October 2005 I was contacted by the director of the Diversity Resource Office on campus. She had recieved my name from a couple of Assistant Directors of Residence Life (who I had worked for in the past) and was looking for someone to be the new webmaster of their website.

I have recently completed negotiations with them and have agreed to become their webmaster. My responsibilities will include keeping the website up-to-date with current informaiton.

I am very excited and honored to be even considered for this position. All of my web managment experience in the past (except for the Hall Director CD) had been on a volunteer basis. Not only is the responsibility of this position more than any position I've previously held, I will be making money doing something I've aloways previously considered a hobby.

Over the summer of 2006, I worked for the DRO developing and designing their new website. I worked close with their administrative assistant as well as the director of the office to develop a new website. Because of the offices' affiliation with the University Presidents Office, the website must be approved by a variety of committees before it goes online. The site is finished, just in the approval process. We hope the site to launch by next summer. In the mean time, I am still working there keeping the old website up to date and adding things to the new one.

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Going to school in Southern Arizona, over 2000 miles from where I grew up makes it hard to stay in contact with family and friends, and even harder for them to see the type of work that I am doing. I tried (unsuccessfully) to keep a website maintained with the small amount of disk space that the university gives me for a personal website, but that quickly fell to being obsolete.

My best resource for documentation of my work is of course pictures and digital files of my work. After completing a project that was over 9Mb and having it bounced back to me when I tried to send it to family and friends because the file was too large, I decided it was time to get a formal website where I could post (almost) unlimited pictures and files and family and friends could go to regularly to keep up on my work and my progress.

This site, just like every other site listed here has been designed from start to finish entirely by me. I have used the experience gained from the other sites I have designed and incorporated it into this one.

My goal for the site was to create an easy to use website to store all my work and combine it with an entirely new look from any site I've designed before, but tie it all in with architecture and the aesthetic qualities I have been working so hard this semester to learn and master.


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College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture


Another exciting opportunity I had come my way was the redesign of the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Website also over the summer of 2006. This turned out to be an exciting opportunity for me. I became the primary programmer behind the redesign of the College site. I learned many new things and defanitly stretched my knowlegde. For some of the features on the new site, I taught myself PHP (another programming language that is used to interact with a database to make the site dynamic. I went on to also design a program for the CALA network operations who run the laser cutter. I designed an online program which takes reservations for the school's laser cutter. Previously this system was a piece of paper on the wall. Now it is all included in the new website.

I still act as assistant webmaster for the website. I help out the faculty member assigned to keeping the website up to date.

This has been a tremendous experience for me and I have learned a lot. I cannot thank enough CALA and Dean Chuck Albaneze for allowing me to be part of this.

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