Aside from designing all the custom graphics for each website that I do, I have also done some independent graphic (and media) design.

Origional works by me include:

  • Cover design and artwork for the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) Building Blocks Bid
  • Hall Director Recruitment CD intro video
  • Apache Santa Cruz Wireless Internet Banner
  • National Residence Hall Honorary T-Shirt Design
  • You can view each of these works below. A few of the files require you to download them to your computer to open them. I apologize for this. You will also need Quicktime and Windows Media Player to view the videos and Adobe Acrobat or Adobe reader to view the pdf's. If you don't have either, you can install Quicktime, or install Adobe Reader. If these links don't work, you can go to the official quicktime website at and download the latest version or go to the Adobe Reader website at

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    NRHH Building Blocks Bid
    Hall Director CD intro video
    Apache Santa Cruz Wireless Internet Banner
    NRHH 2004 T-shirt design
    Muppet Movie
    Sept. 11th Rememberance Video


    NRHH Building Blocks Bid

    After being inducted into the National Residence Hall Honorary after my freshman year (primarily for my work getting wireless internet into my residence hall) I put my interests and drawing abilities towards helping with the graphics for our bid for a national award for our club. I designed the cover and all internal graphics for the bid based upon the theme (oscars). You need Adobe Acrobat or Reader to view this file.

    Take a look at the cover


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    Hall Director Recruitment CD Intro Movie

    As part of the project of designing the Recruitment CD for Residence Life, I created an introduction video that incorporates video and pictures from around campus and the city. It is set to music. You need quicktime to view this video.

    View the video


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    Apache Santa-Cruz Wireless Internet Banner

    As part of the project of getting Apache Santa-Cruz to be the first residence hall on campus with wireless internet, I also designed a large banner which still hangs on the basement walls advertising the wireless internet. You need Adobe Arobat or Reader to view this file.

    View the Banner

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    NRHH 2004 T-Shirt Design

    Just like every club on campus likes to have a t-shirt made up for its members, the National Residence Hall Honorary was no exception. After several attempts to get members to submit designs, I was asked to submit a design and it was made up into our shirt.

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    Muppet Movie

    I made this movie at the end of summer 2004. The shots were taken on the S/V Denis Sullivan on the trip from Kenosha, Wiscsonsin to Milwaukee, WI. I compiled the pictures with a couple songs from the muppet movie to much delight of the first mate (and computer guy) who loved the muppets. It's a fun little movie. It is a WMA movie and will play in Windows Media Player or any WMA capitable player.

    View the Muppet Movie

    Sept. 11th Movie

    I made this movie right after the September 11th attacks. I used photos found online and got my inspiration from a video someone else made and I saw. This was really my first piece of work involving media and making movies and such. Because of the events of this horrible day, this video may not be suitable for all ages.

    View the Movie I made.



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