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Music was a big part of my life all the way though middle school and especially in High School. I made many achievements in music too.

I played for both the highest band in the school as well as the school orchestra in High School and was the lead snare in the drum line.

I continued playing for my freshman year in college too. I played tympani for the University of Arizona Phil-Harmonic Orchestra and played many popular pieces such as the Carmen Suite and the Nutcracker as well as a couple world premiers of newly composed pieces.


I also recorded a lot of my performances. I have included my favorite pieces here on the site for you to listen to if you are so inclined. All the music is in .mp3 format, so you need something worthy of playing mp3's. I included a little about each piece. Click on the name of the piece to download the song, then play it. I am working on setting it up so you can stream it right off my site, but that will take a little bit.

Phase Dance- Performed with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Youth Percussion Ensemble. I had a very lengthy solo in this piece, you can hear it about a minute or so in. I am playing the main melody.

Raindance- One of my favorite solos ever to play or listen to. I performed this solo my sophomore year in high school. It really is fun to listen to, and the name tells all there is to know about the piece, give it a listen!

Wave Motion- One of the harder pieces I ever played. I performed this piece for the Wisconsin Convservatory of Music Board of Directors and was ushured into a recording studio at my next lesson to record this piece. It involved 4 mallets (yes... two in each hand!) with each hand playing a different melody all the way throughout the piece. I must say, it was fun to play, and fun to watch! Here are some pictures from one of my performances of the piece. (the recording has about 10 seconds of silence at the beginning before you hear me play)

performing Wave Motion performing Wave Motion

Xylophonia- A piece perfomed at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music with Dave Mancini (a nationally known percussionist) from New York. It was an honor to be asked to perform with him. He is obviously playing the lead melody, I am playing one of the back up melodies.

Symphony Number 3- One of my favorite Symphonies ever. We performed this piece in a church with a newly restored Organ which was a bit part of the piece (as you can probably tell if you listen to it).

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